Technology Services

PC Help provides a number of handy services for both home users and small businesses. If you don't have a dedicated IT department—or even an informal office tech guru—call us to assist you.

  • PC, Network and Internet Solutions. Help on selecting PCs, printers and other peripherals. Assistance setting up PCs and peripherals, configuring home or small business networks, and connecting to the Internet.
  • Wireless Network Setup. Leverage that fast broadband Internet connection to connect all your PCs without running cables. Wireless networking is a snap. We can help you get it up and running in no time!
  • Virus and Spyware Removal. Viruses and spyware can slow your once-speedy PC down to a crawl. Spyware can hijack your home page. Viruses can turn your PC into a "zombie" that rises at night while you're sleeping and sends out spam. PC Help can clean your system thoroughly.
  • One-on-One Training. PCs, scanners, digital cameras, photo-realistic printers and a whole range of professional application programs make great things possible. Call for some personalized one-on-one training to get the most out of your technology.



Stay Connected!

Internet telephony, instant text messaging, instant voice messaging, and web cams are just a few of the intriguing ways you can stay in touch over long distances.

E-Mail is a wonderful and immediate way to get a message out, and has many advantages over traditional "snail mail." But don't miss out on the latest communication developments.

Instant messaging services hosted by AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and others have always let you text message. Now, all of them also are now voice-enabled, allowing you to talk. And they are video-enabled, allowing you to see each other.






MALWARE is an general term describing software programs that slow down and sometimes crash your personal computer. Unlike viruses, which are universally seen as malicious, MALWARE is viewed as advertising. As such the various MALWARE purveyors have powerful advertising lobbyists paying good money to your senators and congressmen to protect their right to surreptitiously install MALWARE on your computer. What can you do?



Isn't it nice to be able to connect your wireless-enabled notebook PC to the Internet when you're on the go? You can do that because businesses or organizations have opened their wireless network for your use. In fact, your own wireless network also may be open for others. You have to enable security measures on your own wireless router if you want to block Internet access to anyone witin range of your wireless network.